Mission Statement

Our vision is to serve as the aviation hub for the Southwest Desert Triangle by providing the highest levels of service to our customers.

Airport Mission Statement (adopted June 12, 2007)

"The Yuma County Airport Authority’s mission is to provide a safe, efficient and customer focused airport to serve Greater Yuma."

To develop this "Mission Statement" into a reality the Board of Directors adopted the following "Key Strategies":

Key Charters/Strategies:

1. Expand aviation related business (MCAS, general aviation, government, etc.), maintaining full service fixed base operators, and air freight business opportunities by partnering with existing businesses or attracting new businesses.

2. Stay abreast of community growth and needs by partnering and/or leading with our community for economic development.

3. Market the airport throughout the local and surrounding communities to promote air service, availability of aviation facilities, encourage general aviation, and capabilities for future expansion opportunities.

4. Promote international airport status and seek International flights.

We take our Mission Statement to heart. These strategies are the framework around which we identify the goals and objectives you will find in this document. We take care that every contract we sign and every dollar we spend ties back to this framework. To see what we're concentrating on from day to day (while we're not busy running the airport) check out our strategic plan by clicking here.

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